Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's day

ok... its chinese new year and i dont get to celebrate it this year as i am far far away from home... well, i didnt get to celebrate valentine's day too btw as i don have any here...

anyway, talking about valentine's day, its one of the most special day a couple can have in a year, disregarding their anniversary and stuff like that... although i do agree that Valentine's day is over rated and way too commercialised for business and monetary purposes, i do celebrate it with my lover (or ex)... these were the things i've done on valentine's day..

1. (first time celebrating valentine's day in year 2007)
Bought 2 bouquets of chupa-chups lollilop that resembles flower, and made 19 teddy bear made from hairbands, and a set of chocolate with monokuru pig and going all the way to her house for her by surprise... the highlight was that i designed and made a metal pendant for her by using my dad's machine.... it was a round pendant with designs on it...

2. 2008
Booked a table for 2 in a fine dining restaurant in Bukit Bintang and buying her a teddy bear after the dinner... (i know its a little bit simpler but mind you, i was still a student and i did all those with my pocket money!)

3. 2009
Went to Genting Highlands with her to celebrate Valentine's day... we stayed over for 1 night in the hotel there... As we wanted to try out something new, we tried making dinner in the room itself but ended burning the fuses of the room and having the maintenance guy coming over to fix it in our room.. we ended up eating instant noodle with salad using the hot water.. although it was nothing fancy, it was a very memorable one as it was all good fun..

yea... thats all the valentine's date i've had so far... i don't have anything to add this year as i'm all alone here.... BUT!!!

i am a lucky guy because i managed to find and have you! I LOVE YOU


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