Saturday, February 6, 2010

weather condition

flight today was cancelled due to bad weather condition and poor visibility and i'm again re-scheduled to fly again tomorrow at 1030 doing Precautionary Search and hopefully, clear me off for my 2nd training area solo... after that, i will be doing my GFPT pre-test and will be doing on par as my seniors... in fact, i will be having less hours of flying than them at my stage as most of them took at least 24 hours of flying before reaching the GFPT level while currently myself having 21 hours only... time means money for our case, so the earlier and faster we can proceed with our flight, the more time and money we can save..

anyway, i came across this song after reading it in a wall of an anonymous in FB... its basically a chinese song (hokkian dialect) talking about the singer's grandma... well, its not some pop song that one listens to like Jay Chou or Lady Gaga, but its more to a song that goes deep down and touches your heart... maybe not for you, but it really brings up lots of emotions in me...


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