Wednesday, February 10, 2010


i officially finished my PPL course!!!! wohoo!!! i am freaking excited and happy now... hahaa..... lets have party... you know what, its really like a big present for myself to usher the year of tiger although i am not in Malaysia with my family members... the least i know is that i've made it through so far and i am really living my dream now!! I AM BECOMING A PILOT!!!

i scored 91% for my final PPL paper which consist of everything about what i've learnt so far... although its not 100%, i am still quite satisfied as i only made 2 mistakes in 62 questions... and.... 1 of the wrong answer i got was due to a wrong instruction given by JS who told us to use a wrong performance chart to calculate... so, i consider myself to be correct for that and yeap, i am one happy Private Pilot now..!!!

I was actually not that prepared to sit for the paper today as I was scheduled to go for my 2nd and final training area solo flight before i go for my GFPT pre-test... as i prepared up and wait for the time to come to fly, the bloody cloud moved in and its base was at 1500ft which actually i am not allowed to fly in... so, my flight got cancelled and one of my friend then told me to go for the paper which i sort of hesitated but got through!!! muahahahahahha!!!!

now i am left doing nothing as i'm yet to start my CPL but completed my PPL... i am sooooo happy!!! i am re-scheduled to go for my solo flight tomorrow and please........... give me a good weather and good aircraft!!!!!


carpe diem said...

Congrats now u can fly me

Ign@tius said...

haha.... yea... i can...