Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I am in seventh heaven now!! yeeehaaaa!!!

well, i just came back from school after having a long meeting with the 3 top management captains from AirAsia regarding our progress so far... They are Capt. Fareh (Director of the Pilot management thingy), Capt Suresh (Manager of Cadet Pilot Recruitment) and Capt Syed Razif (Head of Pilot Training)... Well, i've personally met both Capt Suresh from the first day of my interview for the cadet pilot programme, and Capt Fareh during my 3rd interview as well as twice personally here in Australia when he came check on us...

However, i only managed to meet and speak to Capt Syed today when he came in just now... Well, he is rather famous for being strict and serious to all the Pilots as he demands for all AirAsia pilots to do well throughout their whole career... The whole meeting went on fine, till Capt Syed started talking to us regarding our progress... He started off praising and telling AirAsia Batch 1 (my senior batch) that they're doing great and they should keep up their good work and stuff... After that, he suddenly called out :

Capt : May I know who is Chee Keong?!
Me   : *raise up my hands* Yes Capt.. I am....
Capt : You've done a very good job, and keep up the good work..

after that, he called up another 2 friends of mine (1 of them is a girl) telling them to keep up the good work while the rest of my batchmates were told to put in more effort and to work harder...

I donno..... I got this sense of happiness and sorta proud of it, as Captain personally praised me in front of both the AirAsia cadets while the rest of my friends were just there staring at me...... i just couldn't stop smilling and think about it... wohooo!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SO HAPPPY!!!! however, i need to keep up my good work and be humble!!! I PROMISE TO BE A GOOD, RESPONSIBLE AND HUMBLE PILOT AS WELL AS A FRIEND!!!!!!!!

anyway, gtg now... going for a barbeque session with the captains... ciao!!!! wohooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

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