Sunday, March 7, 2010


imagine when you're just sitting on the bed, and you feel something crawling up your arms... When you turned around and trying to scratch and look, you see a huge cockcroach about an inch crawling up into your sleeves!

well, that was what exactly happened to me yesterday mid night as i sleep rather late... as i turned around and saw that nasty pest, i ran out my room and took of my shirt, and jumped around the place... its freaking disgusting knowing that i've got a bug right in my shirt and i just couldnt stop scratching all over the place even know that the bloody thing was no longer on me.......

before that incident, i've got nothing against cockcroach, but trust me, after yesterday, i will super duper hate cockcroaches!! DAMN IT!

i don't find cockcroaches to be nasty or what, but its just damn geli having them crawling around my body or even my room... i guess that its my roommate to be blamed for causing that bloody thing crawling in the room... *shudders*


Evann said...


A cockroach touched your bare skin? I would completely freak out! I hate hate hate hate hate hate cockroaches and would love it if they were extinct!

Ign@tius said...

well..... i know right.... cockcroach.... yucks.... disgustingly dirty!