Tuesday, March 2, 2010

i knew it!

of all the things i've posted yesterday, i've already done 13 out of the 26... great right?? and its only 1.30 in the afternoon...

damn bored la i tell you... i'd rather go for a day at school and start complaining about how boring and tiring it is than staying at home having nothing to do... to make things worst, my TV has transformed into a radio... the screen is pure black and all i can do is just listen to whatever it is... my internet is freaking slow, and i've been trying to update the new song list for my blog since the morning, but being only able to load the log in page of that bloody thing... great day right???

lets see.. i woke up and start playing fb and replying some random stuff, then go take a shower... after that walk to the fridge and to see what can i do at home... then decided to make burger for lunch... when finish cooking, walk to the couch to watch tv to find out that it has turned into a radio within 1 night... then walk around, listen to songs (britney is currently playing) and help my roommate do his laundry... what else can be done???


carpe diem said...

I wish you were stayin near my place. The place needs to be tidied up. My clothes needs to be laundered and ironed....and I could go on further. Enjoy your self la buddy....wait till u start work...then its like you are always trying to catch the elusive time.

Ign@tius said...

i know... but i just have no idea how to kill the excessive time in such weather..