Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Roles i play

Life is just a like a drama where everyone plays a role in it and having to act it out to entertain the others.... I am not being emo, but I kind of think about the role i've played in the stage with people around me as audience.... Sometimes i may be able to be a good character, being the nice guy, while at times, the evil guy with lots of agenda hidden, not being figured out by others..

Do i live my life to entertain others, or just to satisfy myself?? I've been in a role of a good friend to my good friends, as well as to play a role to create a huge mess in someone else's life... Everyone always want to be the MR/MS Nice although that it may go against their personal believe or will..

I can be a good student paying full attention in class, and an asshole backstabing the tutor right after i step out from the class... I can be a good responsible pilot in the aircraft, but an alcoholic on the road... I can be a filial son, but a useless friend...

So, am I still playing the role as a good blogger?? you have the say..

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