Friday, March 26, 2010

screaming in pain

After months of staying here in Australia in this very room, i just noticed one thing which i didnt notice before till i was notified by someone who noticed it (get it?)....

my fan is making some funny noise that my old hostel fan back in TARC was making.. something seems to be wrong, and part of the fan hits the other part of it and it just go
kat kat kat kat kat kat.....katttttttt........kat kat...... kaaaaattttt......

believe it or not, i've been sleeping here every night (except a few nights to be honest) for 4 months, and never noticed that sound till someone on the phone just now told me about it... mind you, i am not deaf... i'm just ignorant!

should i get someone to fix it, or just leave it as it is since it has never bothered me nor my room mate?

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