Monday, March 29, 2010

trying to run

This world keeps spinning faster..
To a new disaster,
so i run to you, i run to you... baby!!

well, i can't literally run now though... both my legs are seriously injured and am already having a hard time walking to and back from school.. mind you, its more serious that what you think it is.. it looks minor, but the pain is excrutiating... it pierces right into my knees with every steps i take...

anyway.... i'm so excited now.. few days to my long waited Sydney trip.. bet that it will be all fun filled, only if my injury is gone... hopefully it will heal in a few more days, so i can go running around bondi beach watching hot chicks.. XD

ok... any good remedy for knee injuries??? its on both sides btw... both my left and right knees were scratched, and the pain is more towards the left one... dang!


Leon Koh said...

nice to surf into your blog. hope you ahve a great trip to sydney :)

hello from singapore


Takashi said...

try getting the.. hmm.. something like a knee wrap to keep the knee in check.. hold them in place.. helps a lil'

and stop doggy style for a while..