Monday, March 1, 2010

what do i do?

What do i do when i'm bored

1. Watch a movie
2. surf the web
3. go for a jog
4. sleep
5. talk on the phone
6. walk around the house and opening the fridge every now and then
7. go for a swim
8. chat on msn
9. cook something up
10. bake a cake
11. look for good clothes to mix and match
12. go for a shopping
13. day dream
14. plays computer game
15. listen to songs
16. read news
17. blog
18. sms-ing someone
19. go for mamak (if i have one nearby)
20. take a shower
21. do laundry
22. facebook
23. listen to the radio
24. go out biking
25. go to friend's house
26. do nothing

and believe me, i'll be doing all that tomorrow as i'll be getting a day off...

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