Sunday, April 18, 2010

paw paw

ladies & gentlemen, please put your hands together to welcome iggy


anyway.... yea... i know... it has been so long since i've blogged, but do bear with me as i was having my Human Performance & Limitation exam last friday... i've passed it, but am not very satisfied with what i've got.. nevertheless, am still glad that i don't have to re-sit for that nigger paper, and can save myself some money...

well, i've been here for like... erm.... almost 5 months i suppose, and i've noticed quite some interesting slang that the people here uses in their life..

Malaysian                           Aussie
Brother/Friend      =            Mate
Float (beverage)   =            Spider
In love                  =            Smitten
Papaya                 =            Paw Paw
McDonald            =            Maccas
Zip (trousers)        =            Fly

so, imagine this..

Hey mate, lets go get a spider... I'm smitten-ed with this paw paw that was sold outside the Maccas... btw, your fly is down..

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