Wednesday, May 26, 2010

day 3 in living

third day in the living, and it has not changed.... roommate watching tv till late at night, and housemates woke up early in the morning the next day and was making breakfast in the kitchen and talking out loud and was woken up by them..... slept at 12 or so, and woke up on 8 something in the morning of my off day is not something that i was looking forward to doing in my off day... and it sucks!!!

anyway, i saw this kid singer on tv, Justin Bieber, and well, i think that he's really really young, but acting and singing all those mature love songs which i dont think is proper... i am not being a stereotype nor a bias bugger, but i just think that he is just a little too young for all that... no doubt, i do think that some of his songs are good.... like this...


Simon said...

expression of talent,

manifestation of ambition,

or just plain commercialisation of opportunity,

take your pick!

t . said...

talent : none

ambition : should have come up with something better .. wont last him a year

commercialisation : agreeing .. that's what its all about .. isnt it?