Saturday, May 29, 2010

it is, but?

Its funny how i just wake up early today and just couldnt go back to sleep... Well, i think i just miss everything and everyone....

life is somehow miserable and there's nothing much i can do about it... it hurts to know that people around me are just unhappy and hurt, but there's nothing much that can be done to rectify their problem, and to make them feel better...

I just stare blankly at the white ceiling wondering how life is meant to be... for people to walk in and out of our life just like the pedestrians, or to stop and tell them how we feel and how much we actually care?? Sometimes things are just pure complicated, but some others are just pure silly but we human who are to make it looks as though it is....

ps. I have no idea what i am writting

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Simon said...

wat an occasion to send yours truly a point!

guess d novelty of Australia & flying tapering off huh?

thus d "wake up call"...reflection, introspection.

wats truly, really important, worthy is actually the "intangibles" of our temporal existence...hence " I have no idea what i am writting."

y ppl ard u unhappy & hurt?
wat probs? who r they to you? r their probs related to you?

life is how u make it to be (positive/negative outlook, optimistic/pessimistic sentiment, can/cannot do attitude); even in adverse circumstances. abt flexibility, versatility of character.

conditions, situations are never constant; ever changing. aging is obvious alr. wat else?

actually, wat we like/desire/ should do, preferably be done when d opportunity arises. otherwise, will there be another opportunity?

some probs are undoubtedly complex. unsuitable responses to probs make things worst lah.