Monday, May 31, 2010

sorry, I've sinned

People made mistake, and to make them feel better, some would resort forgetting it and never think or even mention what they've done, but some would feel better if they are to confess and tell someone about what they've done...

I personally would resort to confession if i've done something bad, but is it a good thing to do??

We do like people to be honest to us, but will that be a good thing to us or will it bring more harm than good?? 

Its kinda true that the truth hurts, but at least that its the truth, isn't it? i like the truth, either hurts or not, it doesnt matter...

so.... the question of the day is, does the truth make us feel better, or does it not?


Simon said...

To err is unfortunately very human. Confession in any way relieves d conscience.

Whether confession is a positive, constructive, beneficial act depends on d situation, circumstances of d misdeed.

In special situations,it's preferable to withold d truth, or even tell white lies. Otherwise, d reaction, effects, outcome would be unnecessarily negative, destructive, harmful to either party, or both.

Regardless of personal like/dislike, more importantly does d truth serve a good, higher purpose for those involved? It actually matters!

So, d crux of d matter is does telling d truth lead to overall well being?

This is subject to judgement (life philosophy, guiding principles, value system), experience, & even intuition.

Kev said...

A picture is worth a thousand words, and that picture tells all. There are people who claim to listen - they'll be looking at you but at the back of their heads they quietly hope that you'd stop whining to them.

The truth hurts but there are times when the truth needs to be hidden. Therefore, telling the truth about the bad things we've done almost always doesn't make us or the listener feel better though our conscience might be much clearer.

Hiding the truth doesn't always make us liars either.