Monday, July 26, 2010

bus alone

I still remember well those days where i had to take an express bus to travel in between KL and Penang when i was in college... It didnt happen that often, but it is good enough to make me hate those trips... When I was much younger, I always get excited whenever i get the chance to travel to KL as big cities always mesmorise me... I just love the busy life, busy road, busy city, and everything about KL...

anyway, I really hate travelling alone... I just feel so empty and all by myself whenever it happens... Maybe having someone there doesnt really make a different to some of  my friends, but personally, i just need someone there with me by myside throughout the journey... i dont need that person to talk or crap with me, but just being there with me.. I just love having the presence of someone with me wherever i go...

life is like a bus journey, either all by myself or with a companion

Friday, July 23, 2010


I love Max Brenner..

being in a cafe all by myself, sipping a cup of hot coconut chocolate while having a bite on a chocolate muffin with the crowds outside walking around for shopping... I don't know why, but i just love the feeling of being alone in a cafe with my laptop in the cyber world..

Its just so peaceful and so myself... no disturbance, no flying, no friends, no stress, no worries...

you for me

There is a reason why I am here today, and that is because I owe my life and what I am doing to various people who has ever walked past my life.... this may sound a little old, but i really do appreciate what everyone has done for me and with me...

Thank you for the memories you gave me, the things you've sacrificed for me, and the tears that we had flown down our cheeks together.. I know that you gave me all you have and even try to give me things that I've always dreamt off... I have to say that I owe a big part of my success today to you..

Friday, July 16, 2010



the incident happened just about half an hour ago after i finished playing pool with my friends opposite my house near the airport... well, its kinda like a routine for us to visit the Pub for a drink or two (i didnt drink today btw) accompanied by a few games of pool...

Well, everything was just like usual today other than part of the pub was closed due to a private party for some girl's birthday... As the toilet was located inside the pub and it would be hard for us to go to the toilet, a friend of mine decided that it would be easier for us to go the toilet a few doors away at the petrol station... After we've done our business and walking back to the pool table, there were these 3 girls about my age in their skimpy short dress and heels walking towards the petrol station and they were looking at me and like

Girls : Hey hottie (staring at me)
Me  : Hey... You're hotter!
Girls : No... you're hottier!
Me  : Hahaha... You are the Hottest!
Girls : *giggled*

After that, i went back to my table and kept playing my game and we went back like 2 hours after... As we were leaving and walk past the main entrance to the pub, the 3 girls were there with their friends and was like "OMG!! THE HOTTIE!!" *pointing at me*

i was like   O.O   and then they approached me and gave me a hug and a peck on a cheek.... hahah... i know... its weird...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

i love you

I miss my grandma! it has been a few weeks since i've spoken to her, and she sounded so different already.. I just realised that as i am doing my studies here, she too has gotten older... I dont know why but somehow when i think of my grandma, the image of the happy jolly grandma i used to live with when i was younger comes out...

Maybe that was how it used to be and she is still that her now, but just gotten more grey hair, less energetic than before and got older...

I miss my grandma!!!!!!!

wash me

Again you see, because I am so bored now, I am posting another blog after the one that i've just posted less than 20 minutes ago...

anyway, thank God that my dear clothes washer machine has just finished doing my 2nd load of laundry today (first was the whites and then the coloured) which gave me some more things to do which was to transfer the washed loads to the dryer which is just right above it.. I was wondering how my life as a lazy student would be without all these smart gadget and machines...

I am currently so dependant on my alarm clock (which always got slammed by me every morning at the snooze button), water heater which prevents my balls self from freezing at shower, microwave (trust me, as a student abroad, it is crucial to have one as u will eat a lot of food using it), laptop, IPHONE (my latest addition to the daily-must-have) and not to forget, my dear washer machine and dryer...

I've been so much depending on the 2 squarish-turning-loud-noise-producing-but-helpful machine since i went to college due to the absence of my dear mother to do my laundry.. hehe.. you see, my mom is the type of traditional lady who thinks that washer machine washed clothes are not as good as the hand washed clothes as it is less efficient and time consuming...

So when i first left home from Penang to my then college in KL, (as i was staying in the college's hostel) during the first few weeks, i did all my laundry with my bare hands and yes, everything just like the good old days when your grandparents have to wash, rinse, dry then collect and fold WITH MY PRECIOUS BARE HANDS... ok, it is really not that bad, but just maybe take quite a while and maybe not as clean as the one washed by my mom but hey, i was still new to KL and the hostel life and i thought that washing using the machine was kinda expensive (RM3.00 per wash + RM3.00 for dryer....i know, its not that expensive!)...

anyway, like after a few months weeks of doing a whole pile of laundry (you know, college life = fashion parade everyday) every weekend, i got sick of it and the devil in me just tempted me to go to the machine and dump everything in to sit back and relax... and guess what, from then onwards, i dont really do much of hand washing unless i really need to to protect my expensive clothings...

and yea, my clothes + uniform are all drying now in the dryer AND ITS FREE!!

tell me

ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present u, THE BORED IGGY!!!
*broken drum rolls*

What am i doing presently??

- listening to some chinese songs over and over again
- going through facebook and refreshing the page every few minutes
- turning on my iphone
- waiting for my laundry in the washer machine and to transfer it to the dryer
- wondering how my Tomyum Fried Rice for dinner will turn out
- cursing the bloody internet connection
- refreshing my PING and see if anyone chats with me
- tweet-ing randomly every few minutes
- thinking of what to blog


however, thank God that i at least still have my lappy, Iphone and the lousiest internet connection in Australia to keep me up.. if not, i would be so dead and so lost...

btw, if anyone one of u do any ping-ing, add yours trully at iggy-beston

Thursday, July 8, 2010


As I was coming back after going out earlier this evening to get groceries with a friend of mine from town, i was lucky enough to board a bus which was driven by a guy which follow the law on the road.. I am not saying that it is a bad thing to follow rules, but he was driving freaking slowly that I would taxi my aircraft than the speed he was doing on the road... it was literally that slow that even a bicycle riden by an old man would seem stationary with the bus on the road..

I just hate it when people take the rules or law too seriously too that extend... Maybe the bus was broken or something but it was just ridiculously slow!! I think that the Australian Government should consider coming up with a law that states that

any driver that drives any slower than 40km/hr should be penalised and fined especially the public transport that carries pilot!

anyway, i was hungry when i was in the bus but really, the bus was really slow!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

on my mind

People who has walked past our life will somehow leave footsteps in our life and like it or not, it will be there for better or for worse..

Somehow nowadays, stuffs that i do will somehow in a way or another relates to the ex-lovers i used to have.. Some of them were bad memories that i would never want to remember or even to recall, but some just manage to just put a smirk on my face..

I am not someone special nor different, but these people from my past just left me all these marks that i will bear for the rest of my life... The things we used to do together, the movie we used to watch, the ice-cream we used to have, the places we went together, the bus we boarded, the silly jokes we made, the songs we sang, the food we ate, and all everything we had TOGETHER..

i may not be able to be with you now and maybe we both has already moved on with our life, but i am still thankful for the memories you gave me, and the WE we used to say...

p/s don't ask me who or what i am talking about, because i have no idea

clean up

If you find yourself missing from my facebook, do let me know so that I will re-add you as I've done a major clean up on my friend list. i just find out that i've almost added everyone that has added me and we dont even chat or anything, and i see no use of it so i might as well just delete these people off.

anyway, i am now planning to clean off my MSN list as well as believe it or not, its like so full that i can't add or approve anyone anymore unless i delete a few from my list... And if you do notice, i rarely go on msn anymore as no one would contact me and people from Malaysia somehow just dont remember my existance.. haha...

well, i'm bored for now!! Gawd...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

whose side?

my room is now in such a crazy mess... its like everything is everywhere and my table is full of sutff, bed with comforter not folded, bags of random stuff everywhere, and i really need to tidy up my place... i know that i am kinda free sometimes, but i am just lazy and i can do nothing about it (I AM A GUY HELLO!)

my side
however, to compare my side of the room to my roommate, its like earth and hell... you know, my side is just like earth where there is good and little bit of evil here and there, while his side is all evil... my God.. his shirts all over the place, table with everything everywhere...

if you think the picture above is scary, look at this...
my roommate's side