Friday, July 16, 2010



the incident happened just about half an hour ago after i finished playing pool with my friends opposite my house near the airport... well, its kinda like a routine for us to visit the Pub for a drink or two (i didnt drink today btw) accompanied by a few games of pool...

Well, everything was just like usual today other than part of the pub was closed due to a private party for some girl's birthday... As the toilet was located inside the pub and it would be hard for us to go to the toilet, a friend of mine decided that it would be easier for us to go the toilet a few doors away at the petrol station... After we've done our business and walking back to the pool table, there were these 3 girls about my age in their skimpy short dress and heels walking towards the petrol station and they were looking at me and like

Girls : Hey hottie (staring at me)
Me  : Hey... You're hotter!
Girls : No... you're hottier!
Me  : Hahaha... You are the Hottest!
Girls : *giggled*

After that, i went back to my table and kept playing my game and we went back like 2 hours after... As we were leaving and walk past the main entrance to the pub, the 3 girls were there with their friends and was like "OMG!! THE HOTTIE!!" *pointing at me*

i was like   O.O   and then they approached me and gave me a hug and a peck on a cheek.... hahah... i know... its weird...


carpe diem said...

Wah were u blushing?

Simon said...

they're open lah...random act of affection mah, lucky U!

Little Fox said...

i wish they'd do the same to me as well...but most of them just run and scream when they see me :'(

the unwanted