Wednesday, July 7, 2010

on my mind

People who has walked past our life will somehow leave footsteps in our life and like it or not, it will be there for better or for worse..

Somehow nowadays, stuffs that i do will somehow in a way or another relates to the ex-lovers i used to have.. Some of them were bad memories that i would never want to remember or even to recall, but some just manage to just put a smirk on my face..

I am not someone special nor different, but these people from my past just left me all these marks that i will bear for the rest of my life... The things we used to do together, the movie we used to watch, the ice-cream we used to have, the places we went together, the bus we boarded, the silly jokes we made, the songs we sang, the food we ate, and all everything we had TOGETHER..

i may not be able to be with you now and maybe we both has already moved on with our life, but i am still thankful for the memories you gave me, and the WE we used to say...

p/s don't ask me who or what i am talking about, because i have no idea

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Simon said...

y d sudden sentimental hindsight la...