Sunday, July 11, 2010

tell me

ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present u, THE BORED IGGY!!!
*broken drum rolls*

What am i doing presently??

- listening to some chinese songs over and over again
- going through facebook and refreshing the page every few minutes
- turning on my iphone
- waiting for my laundry in the washer machine and to transfer it to the dryer
- wondering how my Tomyum Fried Rice for dinner will turn out
- cursing the bloody internet connection
- refreshing my PING and see if anyone chats with me
- tweet-ing randomly every few minutes
- thinking of what to blog


however, thank God that i at least still have my lappy, Iphone and the lousiest internet connection in Australia to keep me up.. if not, i would be so dead and so lost...

btw, if anyone one of u do any ping-ing, add yours trully at iggy-beston

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