Monday, August 23, 2010

so thick

omg! i am suppose to be doing my airlaw studies now but i just cant focus... i am having my bloody CPL airlaw exam coming up next wednesday, but i've still got nothing much done... i've been carrying the thicker-than-oxford-dictionary law bookS home everyday after class to end up having those bloody poor books sitting all by itself at the sofa to be picked up the next day to be brought back to class... (my excuse is that i love the book too much that i dont want to flip it)

i've been telling my friends that i will study like after the class ends, and to like flip through when i'm bored, but hell no... its like hello... its airlaw... who the hell studies airlaw other than lawyers (and i am pretty sure not all lawyer would read all the freaking laws)....

imagine a lawyer saying this..
According to the Civil Aviation Order 1998 Act, a pilot must not have any sexual intercourse with the flight attendants no matter how hot she is  (its not real *thank God*)

airlaw is like the cure that all the researchers for insomnia is looking for...

*only if that person is not a nerd

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