Sunday, August 22, 2010

work me

It has been quite awhile since I've been to work.. like a real work work where u have to work your ass off to get the little amount of cash into your pocket... Well, i've basically had a few jobs before and they are basically kinda all random but are sufficient to pay for my shopping spree at the end of the month...

Job 1 :
If this is ever considered a job, i used to work for my dad in his factory during my year end school holiday... its nothing much fancy, but it was handling machinery and stuff like that... and guess what, i was only 14 at then and i have to work everyday with no leave to just land my hand on my 2nd mobile phone, the bloody useless LG... btw, i got no pay nor salary as a worker but the phone for an exchange...

Job 2:
Again at the year end school holiday when i was 15, i went around part time job hunting to fill up my time... you know at then during the school holiday, it was 'the thing' to have a job and earn money (i know right... kids are so stupid).. I was hired by F.O.S. (Factory Outlet Store or some know it as Full Of Shit) as a store assistant... I was basically there just folding clothes and helping customers with their needs... boring job, and i only managed to work there for like 2 weeks because the stupid store manager didnt know that i've yet to reach my 15th birthday when she hired me and its against the law to hire someone who is under 15 to work... the pay was very little, but got my first real exposure to serve the general public..

Job 3:
It was in KL when i was in my college that i got a part time job in an advertising/media firm as an Office Executive aka office boy.. It was nothing hard but just keying in data, filing and also answering phone or to call up the customers to follow up on the business... i basically worked there for like more than a year and i had to like take a train from college (wangsa maju) to Puchong for work few times a week... the pay wasnt much, but it was still good that i can kill time and have some pocket money to spend.. After my college last year, i worked full time there for like 3 months till i left for studies here in australia...

Job 4:
At the same time when i was having job 3 during the weekdays, i had taken up 1 project for MILO to work as  a promoter in Giant Supermarket... the job was freaking tiring, but pay was pretty good... I had to stand the whole freaking day to serve and promote MILO to all the housewives and bloody cheapo kids in Batu Caves... I stopped working after the first project ended as i dont think that it suits me... *rather have less shopping than stand the whole day smiling and promoting MILO*

well, I've like served the general public in the YE (Young Enterprise programme) when i was in school to sell some products when i was secondary school, but that was not really anything fancy and i dont really consider that as a job... haha...

Job 5:
Hopefully will be easier and more fun than the previous job i've had.... PILOT

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