Saturday, September 11, 2010

touching in public

ok... resuming what i was blogging the other day, i was saying that i really cant live without my phone... it has been such a norm and like its part of my nature to have my wallet, keys and phone organised in the pockets on my pants... my phone will always be like in the right pocket, keys and miscellaneous in the left pocket, while wallet will always be in my back left pocket (hopefully no pick pocket-ers are reading this)...

like whenever i go out, i dont really have to look and check, but just *left touch*, *right touch* and then *touch right ass* to know that i've got all i need to go out...

anyway, talking about my iphone, i would usually like spend my free time other than sleeping touching and chatting or whatsoever on it to kill time and to avoid having my eyes staring blankly in the public... so yea... guess what... i am presently online using my iphone tethered to my mini laptop... cool eh??

p/s. i would definitely die without my phone

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