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brush my teeth


a bear waiting for its teeth to be cleaned

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tall but?

Ok, it has been quite a long while since I've mentioned or even wrote anything serious-ish in my blog.

Anyway, something has caught my attention lately regarding Malaysia's latest national budget plan. I'm not a financial expert and not even close to one, but I do think that building another high rise building in the heart of Malaysia aka KL is more to a waste of the tax payer's money than benefiting them.

You see, the Malaysian prime minister said that the purpose of building that (another) sky scrapper is that it will symbolize Malaysia as a developed nation. No doubt that he may be right up to a certain extend, but isn't the Petronas Twin Tower is already and still doing it's job, and not to forget, the KL Tower?

The mentioned project that has yet to be taken place was said to cost like I-don't-know-how-many-but-a-few billion Ringgit. No doubt that the mega project will be able to create a lot of job opportunity, but I'm pretty sure those job opportunities will be taken up by more Bangladeshi or whatever country labour more than malaysians.

What Malaysia critically need now is a united nation, improved and MAINTAINED infrastructure than new ones that will be awfully expensive and to be turned into another KOMTAR in Penang. Spend the money to develop states like Kedah, Terengganu etc etc

Fully utilize whatever Malaysia is presently having, maintain or improve them, then only think big. No point of building another expensive building that will be 30% vacant or so (figures are just my own guessing).

Well, I better stop now before being bombarded by any political guy or economist.

Hopefully when I return to Malaysia, I will not see another tall random building being built.

Chinese short..

I don't know whether it's me being another racist hypocrite or what, but I'm kinda in a shocked/disappointed state where the biggest race in the world aka Chinese are behaving like.... well, Chinese.

You see, I'm currently in this mall where the Chinese or Asians are mostly likely to be found walking everywhere dominating the area and for the past 2 hours, I've been sitting in Gloria Jeans operated and managed by an Indian to do my aircraft endorsement on my laptop. After being in the cafe for a while, I couldn't find any power socket to recharge my lappy and eventually, it ran out of battery and I wasnt able to complete my work.

So as the smart me and thinking that I'd be able to find some power socket to recharge my laptop, I proudly walked out of the cafe, and happily walk around the small looking at the floor and the wall as though I'm hunting for a rat with fingers crossed hoping to see one next to a chair.

However, after like 20 minutes of walking (around the mall over and over again) I only managed to find 2 sockets on the wall which doesn't have any power supply. It's like HELLO, THIS IS A SHOPPING MALL AND THERE IS ONLY 2 SOCKETS AND WHY ON EARTH AREN'T THEY WORKING WORKING?!

Oh wait..... Im in a Chinese mall... Probably I will have to like insert coins for the electric to come...

no power


after walking around the mall for like 20 mins, i finally found 2 plugs which has no power.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

hot enough to melt your heart


Max Brenner to melt your heart

More to Chinese

I do always label the Chinese society as more of a stingy kind of people. And like they make the most out of their all-so-mighty one dollar.

You see, when a Chinese visit a grocery store to buy let's say like a bunch of spinach, he/she would like compare to another store 20km away which is like 20cents cheaper. I'm not trying to say that it's not a good thing to be a smart consumer, but like how much can the all-so-little 20cents do to you? At this time of the century, I think that it may be able to get you a quarter of a chup-a-chup(I'm sorry if this lolly sounds unfamiliar to you due to your age) or like 34 drops of petrol into you car.

So ya... It's good to be wise, but do be sensible too. Be a sensible and wise consumer..

*if you feel like walking 20km to get that vege, you'd probably faint on the way there; or some other Chinese lady has already bought it*

for fun in halloween


kids toy apparently.

When it goes AHHH

It has been so so so long since I've had such a perfect weather, having the sun shining straight onto my fair bum with no clouds while not having to worry about flight or anything related to my studies and aviation.

You see, it's not that i got sick of flying or my studies, but i really just want a day out on a perfect shiny day to just spend everything I have.

Talking about which, I think I need to buy a pair of sneakers for my casual wear. I've been wearing the same pair of shoes since a year ago from Malaysia which only cost me like RM30.

Just so you know, I have different pair of shoes for different purposes or occasion. I've got 2 pairs of leather in which I use one of them for school while the other is for some ball or dinner kinda stuff; And obviously, a pair of sport shoes, thongs and not to forget my beloved sneakers.

Don't you dare to label me as some shopping fanatic!! I'm just a metrosexual keeping everything used for what it is meant for

sun tanning


a day to go without worries. all bright and sunny

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I've never actually taken note of the usefulness of my humble little hotmail email till today. You see, I've created my current email, Ken_8** for more than 5 years now but like I've actually only really fully utilized it this year. When I was first introduced to the cyber world when I was 12(at then it was still only tmnet) after my mom got me a desktop. At then like I knew nothing about the computer and the Internet and google was like some other foreign language that I could never understand. I still remember that I was so stupid at then that I didn't know what to put as my email that I went for a vey chinesey number because my whole name for the email was not available. Anyway, like now, I have to refer to my email everyday for my schedule and all the serious matter but yea, I have to literally check it at least twice a day.

What kind of email do I have in the inbox? Facebook spam and some random stupid newsletter! Iggy@beston - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Doctor ass

Does consumer has the most right to everything? Well, even when it comes to a professional field, I still strongly believe that it is right to listen to the consumer aka the indirect boss. You see, my grandma was brought to a private hospital in Penang because she has an injury from a fall few days ago and as well as having a fever. After discussing with my sis, we both decided that it's best for my grandma to stay over in the hospital for her safety and convenience sake. However the bloody bitchy idiotic doctor who attended her disagree and told us that there isn't any need and she wouldn't let my grandma to be admitted. It's not that I'm trying to act smart or anything, but as a consumer and the one paying for the stay, I have to say that the doctor is a pure ignorant monkey. Who knows what's best for my grandma?! A bloody doctor that careless about her patient or her family member?!! Btw, my sister is a medical practitioner too and she knows medicine. That bitch should be glad that I'm not in Malaysia now or I'll make sure that the cheque she receives this month would be the last she got from the hospital. Iggy@beston - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Saturday, October 2, 2010

All night Long

There's always this day in a week that I will always look forward to everyday. When I was in my primary school, I remembered that my favorite day has always been the Tuesday while I've always hated Thursday. Don't ask me why but yea, that was me Now when I've grown older into my young adulthood(maybe not that young anymore), I look forward to every Saturday cause that is like the whole 24 hours which I can have and I can sleep as late as I want the night before as well as on Saturday itself cause I still have the little bit of buffer the next day

You see, I usually would like to spend my Saturday right and stay up as late as possible so that I can go for a drink or two or to even just go party and hit the clubs with my buddy cause I know very well that Sunday will be another empty day which I can sleep through. Anyway, how's your Saturday? Spent wisely by doing something you like? Iggy@beston - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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