Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chinese short..

I don't know whether it's me being another racist hypocrite or what, but I'm kinda in a shocked/disappointed state where the biggest race in the world aka Chinese are behaving like.... well, Chinese.

You see, I'm currently in this mall where the Chinese or Asians are mostly likely to be found walking everywhere dominating the area and for the past 2 hours, I've been sitting in Gloria Jeans operated and managed by an Indian to do my aircraft endorsement on my laptop. After being in the cafe for a while, I couldn't find any power socket to recharge my lappy and eventually, it ran out of battery and I wasnt able to complete my work.

So as the smart me and thinking that I'd be able to find some power socket to recharge my laptop, I proudly walked out of the cafe, and happily walk around the small looking at the floor and the wall as though I'm hunting for a rat with fingers crossed hoping to see one next to a chair.

However, after like 20 minutes of walking (around the mall over and over again) I only managed to find 2 sockets on the wall which doesn't have any power supply. It's like HELLO, THIS IS A SHOPPING MALL AND THERE IS ONLY 2 SOCKETS AND WHY ON EARTH AREN'T THEY WORKING WORKING?!

Oh wait..... Im in a Chinese mall... Probably I will have to like insert coins for the electric to come...

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