Sunday, October 3, 2010

Doctor ass

Does consumer has the most right to everything? Well, even when it comes to a professional field, I still strongly believe that it is right to listen to the consumer aka the indirect boss. You see, my grandma was brought to a private hospital in Penang because she has an injury from a fall few days ago and as well as having a fever. After discussing with my sis, we both decided that it's best for my grandma to stay over in the hospital for her safety and convenience sake. However the bloody bitchy idiotic doctor who attended her disagree and told us that there isn't any need and she wouldn't let my grandma to be admitted. It's not that I'm trying to act smart or anything, but as a consumer and the one paying for the stay, I have to say that the doctor is a pure ignorant monkey. Who knows what's best for my grandma?! A bloody doctor that careless about her patient or her family member?!! Btw, my sister is a medical practitioner too and she knows medicine. That bitch should be glad that I'm not in Malaysia now or I'll make sure that the cheque she receives this month would be the last she got from the hospital. Iggy@beston - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


†<ק×ë×Ã×n×>†® said...

Dear Iggy.
I'm not standing on either side to give comment, but sometimes the reason why doctor didn't simply ward patient into the hospital is because of "limited" bed...?
apart from that, if you're not aware, some "people" do actually ward their "old parents" and just abandon them after warding them..

I guess overall, if there's no chronic or seriousness in it, doctor will never ward their patient. If you worry about her safety, then you may ask that doctor to do full check up??


Ign@tius said...

Mind you, there were so many spaces available and my grandma was having a high fever 39.6 degrees.