Saturday, October 16, 2010

More to Chinese

I do always label the Chinese society as more of a stingy kind of people. And like they make the most out of their all-so-mighty one dollar.

You see, when a Chinese visit a grocery store to buy let's say like a bunch of spinach, he/she would like compare to another store 20km away which is like 20cents cheaper. I'm not trying to say that it's not a good thing to be a smart consumer, but like how much can the all-so-little 20cents do to you? At this time of the century, I think that it may be able to get you a quarter of a chup-a-chup(I'm sorry if this lolly sounds unfamiliar to you due to your age) or like 34 drops of petrol into you car.

So ya... It's good to be wise, but do be sensible too. Be a sensible and wise consumer..

*if you feel like walking 20km to get that vege, you'd probably faint on the way there; or some other Chinese lady has already bought it*

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Simon said...

relate to wat circumstances la?