Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tall but?

Ok, it has been quite a long while since I've mentioned or even wrote anything serious-ish in my blog.

Anyway, something has caught my attention lately regarding Malaysia's latest national budget plan. I'm not a financial expert and not even close to one, but I do think that building another high rise building in the heart of Malaysia aka KL is more to a waste of the tax payer's money than benefiting them.

You see, the Malaysian prime minister said that the purpose of building that (another) sky scrapper is that it will symbolize Malaysia as a developed nation. No doubt that he may be right up to a certain extend, but isn't the Petronas Twin Tower is already and still doing it's job, and not to forget, the KL Tower?

The mentioned project that has yet to be taken place was said to cost like I-don't-know-how-many-but-a-few billion Ringgit. No doubt that the mega project will be able to create a lot of job opportunity, but I'm pretty sure those job opportunities will be taken up by more Bangladeshi or whatever country labour more than malaysians.

What Malaysia critically need now is a united nation, improved and MAINTAINED infrastructure than new ones that will be awfully expensive and to be turned into another KOMTAR in Penang. Spend the money to develop states like Kedah, Terengganu etc etc

Fully utilize whatever Malaysia is presently having, maintain or improve them, then only think big. No point of building another expensive building that will be 30% vacant or so (figures are just my own guessing).

Well, I better stop now before being bombarded by any political guy or economist.

Hopefully when I return to Malaysia, I will not see another tall random building being built.

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