Thursday, December 30, 2010

love and all of that


for my love to chocolate

strap me in

As I was writing this, I was pretty much on the way of developing claustrophobia as I was all cramped up in a small little economy size chair (STRAPPED IN) in a long narrow metal tube 40000 feet or so above the sea.

Don't get me wrong that I hate flying but sometimes the people sitting around me in the flight itself make me hate flying with them. Being a student pilot myself and in the near future a pilot for an aircraft, I just find that there are heaps of stuff that makes my flying less comfortable and fun as what it should be.

I totally hate having :
-kids especially young crying ones
-people who knows nothing about aircraft but trying to act as though they're the designer and own the Boeing company
-grumpy people that keep complaining out loud about how stupid the staffs are and the airline
-ignorant bastards and bitches who are way too fat to take up a seat thus having his/her fats overflowing to my seat
-idiots that sleep and snore out loud and worst that their head would lean over to my shoulder

Yea, flying should be fun only if you're in the cockpit I guess.

Monday, December 20, 2010

till next time

you know that sometime things that you do, see or even listen to remind you of something... it can be something or someone you used to know or things you've ever done at that very specific moment when the song/video/object happens to be there...

there are things that i can remember clearly like what happens when that certain song is playing and what i was doing 3 years ago with that someone, but still i think that i would rather not remember... its not that those memories are no good, but just that i will be very embarassed and might end up in pain thinking back what i've done...

certain memories are good to be kept while certain other are better to be just left the way they are... things happen and everyone try to move on, and i should try to...

anyway, on a happier note, i will be going for a Christmas Holiday in Fiji in 1 more day and yeap, i am all excited about it.... the trip will be i think a 8 days 7 nights trip and we will be staying at a beach resort.... there aren't many things planned up now, but i think that it will be good fun...

just all the way to fiji to explore and just leave everything behind... time to look and appreciate what i have and blessed with, and move on from what i should now call, the past.... but before that, tomorrow's plan.... wake up whenever i want, go for body boarding (surfing wannabe) behind my house and complete my pre-holiday shopping...

see you peepies next year i guess!! HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND BLESSED NEW YEAR!

Friday, December 17, 2010

My last word

As I am writing this, I am feeling my age catching up and all the illnesses knocking at my door. This will probably be my last post or written words before i commence the next phase of life.

You may not be able to recognize me when I'm walking along the street after this or worst that you may not even notice my presence. It's kinda sad that my life has went passed me so fast and I totally did not notice how the years just went by and I've spent it doing things that a kid would do; Fooling around with friends and going mad over the pettiest thing.

Probably I will regret wasting my youthful days doing all those things I did, but I can do nothing now to rectify my past. For whatever wrong doings of mine to whoever it is, I sincerely apologize for it (except those stupid b*tches and b*st*rd that I've cursed and hated).

I will definitely miss all my friends from school and college, and not to forget people that have came past in between. It was good fun having you guys around although some were less appreciated than the others.

And to myself, I'm grateful for all the alcohol I've downed and the ciggaretes and drugs that I've declined. I enjoyed my sober and drunken life, and of course the people that was there for me at both times.

Here I am now, bracing myself for the next phase of life trying to recall what i've ever done in the past 19 years. Here comes the beginning of the second decade of my life, as well as the wrinkles that comes with it...