Thursday, December 30, 2010

strap me in

As I was writing this, I was pretty much on the way of developing claustrophobia as I was all cramped up in a small little economy size chair (STRAPPED IN) in a long narrow metal tube 40000 feet or so above the sea.

Don't get me wrong that I hate flying but sometimes the people sitting around me in the flight itself make me hate flying with them. Being a student pilot myself and in the near future a pilot for an aircraft, I just find that there are heaps of stuff that makes my flying less comfortable and fun as what it should be.

I totally hate having :
-kids especially young crying ones
-people who knows nothing about aircraft but trying to act as though they're the designer and own the Boeing company
-grumpy people that keep complaining out loud about how stupid the staffs are and the airline
-ignorant bastards and bitches who are way too fat to take up a seat thus having his/her fats overflowing to my seat
-idiots that sleep and snore out loud and worst that their head would lean over to my shoulder

Yea, flying should be fun only if you're in the cockpit I guess.


Daniel said...
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AmeZac said...

Wait until u seat in the cockpit. Its more cramp than u can actually imagine. Unless u flying straight the big jets. Hehehe.

Will said...

wow! u r actually consider as good looking. what's ur current status? :p