Wednesday, February 16, 2011

anger makes nothing

sometimes i really find it hard to keep my anger up unless it gets really really bad... some call me emotional or crazy but i just don't really like to keep whatever i feel to myself.. my world is full of strangers and passerby so i don't want to miss anything and be fake to anything or anyone at anytime...

you see, recently a friend of mine who was previously close to me got me pretty mad by saying certain stuff that i thought was unfair and was not actually true... i try to kept the anger to myself and to just let things pass but till these few days, i started to realise that life would have been better if i were to tell him or anyone about it... if you are to read this anyway, just forget about it alright... no matter what is it, i really do appreciate the friendship we used to share and that was the most valuable thing that we have and share..

anyway, as i woke pretty much early today, i've decided to make the best of it.. life is more than just what we think it is... step out of your house, look up to the sky and make the best out of it...

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