Thursday, February 10, 2011

who loves you?

(Happy Chinese New Year)

here again comes the big day for dating couples (or even married ones) of the year where the male counterpart would have to think of a way to celebrate and to show affection to his partner... Valentine's day is just less than a week away, and honestly, i have no idea what i should be doing to celebrate this big-but-not-so-much-of-a-thing day this year and i have better got to think fast if i want it to happen...

when i was much younger, i would spend days and days to think of what i should do for my partner (at then), where we should eat, what can we do, and how many bouquet of flowers and holes to burn in my thin wallet just to tell her how much i actually love and care about her... i've personally tried making flowers, pendant, cards, buying teddy bears and chocolate, etc. to just be part of the society and to join in the celebration...

however, as i grew older and moved on from a relationship to another, i just realised that why bother making it such a big fuss to tell that someone that you really care... love is just a matter of feeling and support which should never be equate to items or confectioneries... so, how are you going to celebrate the 14th of Feb 2011??

i think that i'd be dead if my someone is to read this post

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