Thursday, March 31, 2011

working me

when i was much younger, i thought that working would be easy and not having to wear the same old plain white shirt and green pants with same old white shoes to school every weekdays would be fun and having colleagues to talk all day earning your own money would be a big thing in life... however as i look at myself in the mirror today, almost there doing what i've always wanted and entering my adulthood into the working life, i realised that what every other adults told me 5 years back was all true.. working is not as fun as i thought it is, and wearing the plain school uniform isn't such a bad thing as one don't have to worry and think of what to wear... no investment on different designer clothings and shoes is better than having a saving account, while not having to spend on expensive yet very unhealthy lunch meals instead as canteen food will always be available is like having a 12 months fixed deposit account...
kids out there (i think i am old enough and qualified to call you guys that), working is not as fun as what it seems... exams aren't the worst thing in life... not able to make ends meet is... enjoy your school day, skip classes with your friends as much as you want as long as your parents dont know...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

give up not

few years ago, if i were to know that what i will be today, i would go crazy knowing that i will be able to get my dreams realised and making dreams come true... however, how much would one actually give to get what they really want in life?? i've always wanted to be a pilot knowing that nothing else would really complete me.. i put in effort and time obtaining resources to get into the cadet programme and work my way through the training till today... sad to say though, not everyone would put in as much effort to obtain what they really want in life... nothing comes knocking at your door so one will actually have to put in more effort.. failing is just another step in successing... never give up, keep moving forward.. have fun in life and know that there are still alot people out there that are still trying hard to even to live a day, so who are you to give up?

Friday, March 25, 2011

life of my own

It has been ages since I've taken an inter-state bus rides and it actually still feels pretty good. As of now, I'm on my way traveling up north to my sweet hometown in Penang from KL.

Throughout this journey, I've seen places that I used to go to and roads that I used to travel when I was still in my college 2 years back. Traveling by road using the express busses has been something I'm familiar with as it's pretty much convenient to travel although it's slightly longer than usual. The seats are comforter compared to the airlines and are reclineable with huge arm rest.

Anyway, I'm getting accustomed to moving from a place to another, not having my family members and parents with me all the time, I've learned to live independently financially and mentally. I'm not saying that I'm a filial son or otherwise but I just pretty much like having a life of my own without much of worries or restriction.

Flying will soon be a career of mine and I guess that people around me will have to get used to not having me around all the time especially during the celebrations etc.

I do miss my friends and family, but just maybe not to the extend of having to stay with them all the time 24/7. I appreciate them as much as they do for me and I do care for them as much but I like spreading my wings and going around places.

Monday, March 14, 2011

dreamy but real

Some people dream to be a doctor while some dare not to dream and just let things settle and bring them to be whoever they can be.

It's normal that people around us actually sets an expectation towards us and want us to do better and to improve but we shall not forget, who we actually are and what we want in life.

Like myself, I want to be a pilot at one point of my life, and maybe too in the marketing/ social media industry where I get to expand my network of friends and to gain further knowledge in life. You can say that these two dreams of mine are pretty much two different things that doesn't really come together in any sense but I reckon that why just be normal and live a boring life?

So now here I am, on my way realizing one of my dream of becoming a pilot thanks to AirAsia, while having all these amature media fun time using my blog! Why restrict yourself to only what other people is doing? Start of something new, keep it going and let it grow! Who said that day dreaming is bad? It's a beginning of something new I'd say!

So, get your bum out there, do things no one has ever done and be proud of yourself!