Monday, March 14, 2011

dreamy but real

Some people dream to be a doctor while some dare not to dream and just let things settle and bring them to be whoever they can be.

It's normal that people around us actually sets an expectation towards us and want us to do better and to improve but we shall not forget, who we actually are and what we want in life.

Like myself, I want to be a pilot at one point of my life, and maybe too in the marketing/ social media industry where I get to expand my network of friends and to gain further knowledge in life. You can say that these two dreams of mine are pretty much two different things that doesn't really come together in any sense but I reckon that why just be normal and live a boring life?

So now here I am, on my way realizing one of my dream of becoming a pilot thanks to AirAsia, while having all these amature media fun time using my blog! Why restrict yourself to only what other people is doing? Start of something new, keep it going and let it grow! Who said that day dreaming is bad? It's a beginning of something new I'd say!

So, get your bum out there, do things no one has ever done and be proud of yourself!


BlehT said...

that photo is so cute. It's a winking cow. I would totally buy that milk to drink everyday if I could :D

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