Wednesday, March 30, 2011

give up not

few years ago, if i were to know that what i will be today, i would go crazy knowing that i will be able to get my dreams realised and making dreams come true... however, how much would one actually give to get what they really want in life?? i've always wanted to be a pilot knowing that nothing else would really complete me.. i put in effort and time obtaining resources to get into the cadet programme and work my way through the training till today... sad to say though, not everyone would put in as much effort to obtain what they really want in life... nothing comes knocking at your door so one will actually have to put in more effort.. failing is just another step in successing... never give up, keep moving forward.. have fun in life and know that there are still alot people out there that are still trying hard to even to live a day, so who are you to give up?

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