Monday, April 4, 2011

i need you

i am so loving it when my whole family just manage to sit down together at the living room having dinner without anyone arguing with someone else across the table... it has been such a long period since i've actually enjoyed this real fulfilled family time with both my parents and sister... when i was younger (5 years ago), my sis would be in college and her hostel most of the time while dad was usually the busy one dealing with business and socializing with his customers and friends... there would usually only be my mom and myself having dinner but deep down in my heart, i would really wish that someone 4 of us, as a family would just sit down together happily, laughing and eating enjoying our meals..
well, i guess i wouldnt get to enjoy this much anymore after this as i would be gone again to Kota Bahru for 5 months or so for my studies and then would have to leave my parents for my sis to take care on my behalf.. i actually always thought that i am a stronger will and minded person but can't believe that i actually really appreciate the presence of my family members in the dining room....