Saturday, May 12, 2012

Getting back

It has been quite awhile now and I guess a lot people out there have changed and I do believe that myself has changed too... So many things happen in the past years that I think that the way I got my blog out would have changed too..

Life has been pretty much great and I'm also sort of living my dream working as a pilot now having officially finished all my training... The memories of me blogging few years back telling all my blog buddies how much I actually wanted to be a pilot just feel as though it happened few weeks ago... Joining the blogging competition and then going for all the selections was tough I thought but hell I really had no idea what I actually signed up for... Having to leave Malaysia for more than a year and then to proceed to Kelantan (if youve been there you know what I mean) was kinda crazy..

To sum it up pretty much, I was in the Gold Coast in Australia for 15 months, Kelantan for about 6 months ish and then back in KL for my jet *oooooo.......* training for 3 months and then walla here I am proudly (and painstakingly) working in the LCCT as a pilot... I love my career and trust me, never once that I regretted choosing to join this industry... No doubt once in awhile being disappointed and annoyed but then again next day when I wake up I still know that I will never give up on this job of mine..

Ive lost quite a few things along my journey to becoming who I am and what I am today but I do hope that all those sacrifices I've made are worthwhile...

For now, I'll try my best to be back here in my bloggie and time to get connected again with my social media..